Saturday, April 2, 2016

Week of March 19th, 2016

Another week of AWESOME recipes that were recommended by friends!!

Panera Copycat Broccoli Cheese Soup (recommended by Kristi)- no leftovers on this one!

Tomatillo Braised Chicken Thighs (recommended by Heidi)- I was able to find a roasted tomatillo sauce in the fresh deli section of Trader Joes and skip a few steps. The chicken was so tender!

Sweet Potato Burrito smothered in Avocado Sauce (recommended by Amy)- 5 stars! I think it was my favorite thing I've eaten this year

Thai Beef with Basil (recommended by Jentry)- we served this to company and it was a total hit

Darn Good Ham and Cheese Sliders (recommended by Tara)- we definitely should have doubled (or tripled) this one!

Pioneer Woman's Hamburgers (recommended by Nisha)- Yum! Mark was so excited about this meal

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