Friday, February 19, 2016

Week of February 14th, 2016

For Valentines Day: Red Velvet Waffles, heart shaped pizzas and Fondue

Spaghetti and Salad at the Bleekers

Rotisserie chicken, carrots and berries- this week I bought the $12 pack of already pulled and shredded chicken from Costco. Their chickens have the best flavor and I was able to (easily) use it for three meals (see below). I loved the dded flavor it gave to meals and the ease of not having to remember to thaw and cook the chicken prior to a meal. I will be doing this again!

One pot creamy garlic noodles- Even without a lot of butter or heavy cream it was nice a creamy

Pesto Chicken Pillows- This seemed like it would be a complicated meal but with the chicken already cooked, it was a breeze to put together. A fun meal to serve to company!

Jalapeno Popper Chicken Taquitos- So yummy!

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