Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week of December 22nd, 2014

Costco Pizza

Bacon/cheddar burgers (mix from Double D meats)

*Kalua Pork- this was crazy easy (3 ingredients) and actually tasted like slow smoked meat. I was a little skeptical of the recipe and wondered if the liquid smoke flavor would take fake but it was really, really good. This would be a great thing to make for a summer party with a taco bar spread. It feeds a lot of people!

Christmas Eve dinner at my sister's

*Creamy Spinach Gratin- Very good and tons of flavor but TONS of work. If I didn't have to microwave each of the 5 boxes of spinach individually to defrost, then squeeze each one in a towel, then make a rue, etc I might think about making it again. Maybe I should have just left them in the fridge over night...just a thought.

*Sweet Potato Casserole- I loved the addition of the orange flavor and that it was completely pureed until smooth

*Mel's Kitchen Cafe Slow Cooker Chili- I think my dad's chili is better but this was nice for a quick throw in the crockpot meal. I used chunks of stew meat rather than ground beef.

*Cinnamon Roll Cake- for Jesus' birthday party!

* = new recipe

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