Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week of July 15th, 2013

*Grilled Chicken Mojito Sandwiches- 5 stars! I didn't have a serrano chili so I just used a dash of cayenne pepper. I also left out the rum and caramelized the onions.

*Black Quinoa Salad- not so good. I'm not sure why, but I did not like the soft mango and crunchy pepper in the same bite.

*Southwestern Beef Wraps- SO DELICIOUS! Perfect for feeding a crowd. Avocados and sour cream are mandatory toppings

*Chicken Pot Pie Soup- 5 stars! More of a fall meal but totally amazing.

*Spicy Sausage Pasta- If you're husband is anything like mine, he will love this :)

* = new recipe

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week of July 8th

Angela and I swapped menus again and we had fun eating a week's worth Payne favorites. They were all delicious!

*Summer Spaghetti- I served this cold at the beach. I took a bite of it right off the stove and the flavor was similar as it was cold but it definitely was saucier when it was warm. Next time I think I would serve it warm.

*Tomato Basil Soup in the Crockpot- I loved the flavor in this soup and I also liked the chunks of veggies. I had thought about blending it up but I'm glad I didn't.

*BLT salad- So fantastic. 5 Stars!

*Fizzy Chicken- This was my favorite recipe of the week. I don't think I would have picked the recipe on my own so I'm glad Angela but it on the menu. It was AWESOME!

*Veggie and Feta Pasta Salad- Easy summer salad

*Chicken Tamale Pie- Mark's favorite meal of the week. And he cooked dinner this night- score!

*Cowboy Cookies- very yummy. I love nuts in cookies

*= new recipe

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The last month

We sold our condo and moved in the last month. It was wonderful, chaotic, exciting, stressful and VERY busy. The week before the move some dear friends blessed us by bringing dinners so we didn't have to cook in addition to packing for hours each night. I'm SO thankful for that! Then after the move we did a lot of quick, easy dinners and fun outings with my mom who is visiting

Went to my sister's for a Fate Burger night.
Dinner for my brother's birthday
Chipotle at Edmonds Beach
Salad- romaine, pears, spiced pecans, feta, craisins, raspberry vinaigrette.
BBQ chicken sandwiches with Stubbs BBQ sauce in the crockpot with another batch of the salad above
Fish Tacos from Ooba Tooba's to celebrate signing our documents
Taco Bar with Community Group friends
Zeeks at pizza the greenlake wading pool
Dr. Pepper shredded pork from the dinner swap
Pumpkin Enchiladas from the dinner swap 
4th of July BBQ at my sisters- I made Caprese Salad
Hamburgers on the grill with Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Week of June 10th, 2013

*Bourbon Chicken (without bourbon)- a very simple chicken recipe

Community Group

Green Chili Spinach Quiche- I love this quiche!


*Baked Spagehtti- I made this for dinner swap this month. SUPER kid friendly and easy to put together.

*Chicago Style Hot Dogs for Father's Day- Mark's request :)

Malt Bars for Father's Day


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