Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week of March 25th, 2013

Shredded Mexican Pork

Community Group

Mark and Jessie out to eat with Laramas, kids had quesadillas. Toulouse Petit was amazing. We will have to go back again. Gumbo, jambalaya, homemade gnocchi, cauliflower truffle soup with fresh crab, beignets....mmmmmmmmmm

Fajitas (with steak from double d meats)

Baked Potato Soup- made this for meal swap this month. Gotta have one more hearty soup before the cold weather is officially over!

*Smokey Bean Soup with Ham- Emilie's soup from last month's meal swap

Easter dinner- ham, mashed poatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, rolls, and cake!

*Dave's Killer Bread Sin-Dawgs- SO good. Chrisse made one of these for us when I had pneumonia last year. I've been thinking about them since and decided to try to make them myself. I found vital wheat gluten in the bulk section at Fred Meyer. It is a multi-step process so I would recommend making them on a weekend :)

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