Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week of November 5th, 2012

*Breaded Buffalo Chicken with Goat Cheese and Avocado Relish- I only did goat cheese and avocados on top and it was so so good. I cut the chicken in half instead of pounding thin.

*Philly Steak Pizza- We all loved these but Mark was probably the most excited about having some red meat (we've eaten a lot of chicken lately). He'd say 5 stars for sure.

*Quinoa Fried Rice- Ok but needed something more. Peas? Chopped broccoli? Peanuts perhaps?

*Broccoli and Cheese Stromboli- LOVED it

Salad with chicken, cheddar, apples, pecans- Becky made this for dinner swap and I was so glad because I've been craving it ever since I made it for her birthday. Seriously my favorite salad right now.

Stephanie's Falafel from dinner swap in a pita with lettuce and tomato

Family Dinner at Becky's house

Flax Seed and Honey Muffins

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