Friday, October 5, 2012

Week of October 1st

Pear Pancakes

Burgers and sauteed spinach

*Enchilada Meatballs- James if we could make these for breakfast, lunch and dinner :) 5 stars!

Blue Chips Chicken Salad- I could eat this every other week

*Carrot-thyme Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Dinner out at Rainin' Ribs BBQ and Smokehouse- Delicious! Will be back again for sure!

Free birthday burgers at Red Robin- an October tradition for the Heavilands

Pear pancakes- they call for self-raising flour. Use this website to make your own from all-purpose flour. 5 Stars!

* = new recipe

1 comment:

Eileen Short said...

I miss the star ratings :) What would you give the enchilada meatballs?


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