Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Angela's Yogurt in the Crockpot

I teased Angela that I was going to attempt to copy her "hippie" ways and make her homemade yogurt recipe.  Mark called me pioneer woman when he saw me scooping the yogurt into mason jars.  However, we will be making this again and again.  It was AWESOME!  The yogurt is smooth and not too bitter/sour like greek yogurt can be sometimes.

-1/2 gallon of whole milk (I've always used organic)
-1/2 cup plain yogurt to use as a "starter".  It can be store bought, or 1/2 cup reserved from a homemade batch.  I've used Greek-style, but I'm guessing any full-fat yogurt would work
-a couple of towels or a blanket

Turn your crockpot to low and pour in milk.  Cover and allow to cook for two and a half hours.

After two and half hours have elapsed, turn off cooker, unplug from wall and allow to sit, still covered, for three hours.

After the three hours have gone by, add the starter yogurt and use a whisk to gently mix.  Recover.  Then cover and wrap the entire crockpot with a large bath towel or blanket and leave on your counter for eight hours.

After the eight hours have elapsed, you're yogurt is done!  I normally lift the entire crockpot out of the base and keep it in my fridge until I have time to decant into smaller containers.

Tips I've picked up so far:
- Don't mess with the yogurt unless you have to.  When stirring in the plain yogurt starter, 4 or 5 figure-eight motions with the whisk is all you need.

-I usually start the process at 4 or 4:30pm, which makes me done for the day by 9:30 or 10pm and then it's ready at 5:30 or 6am

-After 2 or 3 times of using your own yogurt as a starter, go back to 1/2 cup store-bought so the yogurt doesn't get too runny

Uses for plain yogurt:
-substitute for sour cream
-with granola and dried or fresh fruit for breakfast or snack
-in smoothies . . . strawberry, blueberry, and banana is one of our favorites
-blended with a little bit of orange juice concentrate and then frozen for creamsicle-ish popsicles
-use instead of milk for biscuits, pancakes, or cornbread


Abby Green said...

We have been making this yogurt for a couple of years now on a weekly basis, and I still feel like a heroic pioneer woman when pouring it into jars. Isn't it so satisfying knowing you made yogurt??

Just to chime in my two cents on tips...make sure you use a yogurt starter that has live cultures in it (they will be listed in the ingredients). I use Brown Cow cream top (a.k.a. full of fat) yogurt as my starter and it works great.

Kaci Mae said...

I got stuck on the portion of the directions that said "Recover." I was imagining that the stirring was very exhausting or harrowing in some way and I really couldn't imagine that making yogurt would be so intense that you would need to pause and recover before continuing...then I reread the directions and realized it meant to put the lid back on the crockpot. Oh. So much less dramatic. I will definitely make the homemade yogurt, but I think I just might pause at that step, throw my head back with the back of my hand on my forehead and sigh, just for the fun of it. Thanks for sharing!

M&M said...

Any idea how long this will be last in the frig before going bad? Did you strain yours? thanks!

The Heaviland Family said...

It will last between 2 and 3 weeks. I didn't strain mine and it was the perfect consistency. Maybe because I used whole milk?


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