Thursday, September 16, 2010

CSN Product Review

I'm SO excited to get to do a product review for CSN Stores! You guys probably remember that I was contacted last month by a representative from CSN Stores who graciously donated a gift card to one of my readers. Now I have been asked to do a review on one of their millions of products. The hard part now is figuring out what I want to review. They seriously carry everything! As I was looking around the different sites, I saw that they carry modern bedding like the Glenna Jean Sweet Potato crib bedding set (in the picture above) which we have in our nursery.

How many nerd points would I get if I chose this soup can rack? I seriously would love this to organize the millions of black bean, chicken broth and diced tomato cans I have in my pantry.

Another item at the top of my wish list is a nice thermos for hot cocoa. Leaves have already started changing around here which means fun/cold outdoor activities like the Greenlake Luminary Walk and the Zoo Lights are right around the corner. I remember wanting a thermos a few different times last year. I was excited to see they have my favorite color- red!

I'll let you guys know soon what I choose!


Faith said...

How exciting! There are so many options :) I can't wait to see what you pick!

Melody said...

Yay! We just got our items that we chose to review. They have absolutely everything. We ordered a high chair, a WSU Mr. Potato Head (for Christmas) and a box of envelopes to round out the order. :) Have fun!

Crazykiddies said...

I would totally love the can organizer!


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