Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crockpot Chow Mein

I served this chow mein for community group and got a lot of compliments on it but I think they might have been exaggerating. I just thought it was ok. Maybe I was weirded out by the bamboo shoots or those little weird little baby corn.

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
2 cups of water
2 chopped yellow onions
2-3 cups of chopped celery

1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 T molasses
1 can (16 oz) baby corn, drained
1 can (6.5 oz) bamboo shoots, drained
1 cup bean sprouts
1 chopped red bell pepper

salt and pepper to taste
olive oil

Add the chicken, chopped onion, celery, and two cups of water to the crockpot.

Cover and cook on low for 6-7 hours, or on high for 4. Shred meat carefully with two forks.

In a glass bowl, mix the cornstarch, soy sauce, and molasses. Mix really well to get rid of the little clumpy balls of cornstarch.

Chop up the red bell pepper, and add it to the crockpot. Open the bamboo shoots and corn, drain liquid, and add remaining content. Add bean sprouts.

Stir in the sauce mixture.

Cover your crockpot again and cook on high for about an hour, or until flavors have melded and the added vegetables reach desired tenderness.

Before serving, cook pasta according to package instructions. I heavily salted my water before adding the pasta (about 1 tablespoon of kosher salt) and added some olive oil.

When the pasta reaches the al dente stage, drain it and set aside. Heat some olive oil in a large frying pan or wok, and add some salt and pepper, if desired. On high heat, toss the cooked pasta in the olive oil and salt, allowing it to sizzle a bit and get a tiny crust on some of the noodles.

Serve the noodles with the crockpot vgetables and meat.

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The McFarlane Family said...

I love bamboo shoots and baby corn. I'm trying it. Your friends would never lie. :o)


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